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Support De La Salle Academy

The students at De La Salle Academy are the community leaders of tomorrow. Investing in their educational pursuits benefits not only the individual student and family, but also society at large. De La Salle students have bright minds that need nourishment to achieve their potential; an education at De La Salle lays the foundation for ongoing endeavors.

De La Salle is committed to offering a need-blind admissions policy so that no youngster, once accepted, is denied a seat for financial reasons. Ninety percent of the budget must be raised each year. A large part of our fundraising efforts is through the Annual Appeal, where we ask alumni, friends, and supporters like you to contribute to De La Salle. Gifts to the Annual Fund are unrestricted and are applied directly to the current year.

While giving is voluntary, we encourage all our alumni, families, and friends to contribute in the way that they are able. Strong participation sends an important message of commitment to the community.

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