Alumni Spotlight: Justin Douglas ’00

Hey y’all! My name is Justin Douglas and I am a member of De La Salle’s class of 2000. I joined the school as a 6th grader in 1997. When I think back to my time at De La Salle, I often think of the admissions process. I remember taking the test among hundreds of … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Justin Douglas ’00


Dear Friends,  We have been monitoring the spread of the COVID-19 virus very closely and have decided in the interest of safety to postpone the DLSA 35th Anniversary Gala on Thursday, March 12. We arrived at this decision along with our Board of Trustees, which includes physicians, heads of school, and leaders of institutions. The health and safety of all … Continue reading IMPORTANT: DLSA 35th Anniversary Gala POSTPONED

Alumni Spotlight: Natalie Archibald Solano ’99

When I tell people that I’m going back to visit my junior high school principal or I’m going to meet up with a De La Salle classmate, they give me the strangest look. They can’t believe that after 20 years, I’m still connected to my junior high school.  High school classmates? Makes sense.  College friends? … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Natalie Archibald Solano ’99

Alumni Spotlight: Shannon McPherson ’05

De La Salle, more than any one institution, was pivotal in shaping who Shannon McPherson is today. As a fifth grader I was the smartest in my class and most reserved, if you can imagine that compared to how I am now. But I learned to navigate that environment so that I could survive day … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Shannon McPherson ’05

Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Castro ’99

I was an A student at a catholic school in the Bronx, and my parents could see I wasn’t being challenged. At age 12, I wasn’t interested in being challenged or changing schools. I liked being one of the smartest kids in my class. However, going through the De La Salle Academy (DLSA) admissions process … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Castro ’99

Alumni Spotlight: Jasmine Mitchell ’95

My name is Jasmine Mitchell from the class of 1995. I remember starting the sixth grade learning how to navigate three trains to get from Park Slope to the Upper West Side, where De La Salle was located on the very top floor of the 97th street school building. I learned of De La Salle from … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Jasmine Mitchell ’95

Alumni Spotlight: Malkese Edwards ’09

My name is Malkese Edwards from the Class of 2009. I began middle school at M.S. 181, a large public school in the Bronx.  The school was very close to my home where I lived with my mother and grandmother. I found out about De La Salle Academy during the sixth grade, due to my … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Malkese Edwards ’09

Alumni Spotlight: John Volquez ’09

I remember the application process for De La Salle Academy vividly—I was in the 5th grade, and it coincided with my application process for Prep for Prep, which I had purposely sabotaged during the second round because I didn’t want to “become a nerd.” Seeing how upset throwing away the opportunity to join the Prep … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: John Volquez ’09

Alumni Spotlight: Emily Marti ’90

My name is Emily Mart (née Rodriguez), and I hail from one of the original sets of De La Salle Academy alumni. I enrolled in 1997 when the school was only three years old, and the students hadn’t yet come up with anything more clever than “the top floor of Holy Name School” to call … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Emily Marti ’90