State of the School Update: 1.13.21

Dear DLSA Community,  In March 2020, De La Salle Academy (DLSA) was forced to close its doors with the arrival of COVID-19. Since then, we made our way through this pandemic with flexibility, grace, and care for our community members. As we start the new year, I would like to take stock of all that … Continue reading State of the School Update: 1.13.21

Alumni Spotlight: Carlo Portes, ’91

I grew up in Astoria, Queens and enrolled at De La Salle for my 7th grade year. My dad had read about the school in a local newspaper and was convinced it was the school for me (and my cousin Adrian, who I grew up with and would enroll the same year as me in the … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Carlo Portes, ’91

Alumni Spotlight: Grisselle Escotto, ’01

As a little girl, for as long as I could remember, I knew that I would attend De La Salle Academy for middle school. My oldest sister attended and I vividly recall walking through the hallways and knowing, without a doubt in my mind, that one day this would be my home away from home. … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Grisselle Escotto, ’01

Alumni Spotlight: Lenny Alcivar ’87

There has been no greater visionary in my life than Brother Brian Carty. To honor the pioneering legacy of Brother Brian, go back to the first day of the very first class of De La Salle Academy. I was there.  One year earlier, Brother Brian had visited Incarnation School, a Washington Heights parochial school I … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Lenny Alcivar ’87

Alumni Spotlight: Tina Kinney Clarke ’87

When I first started De La Salle Academy (DLSA) I was pretty nervous.  I remember when Brother Brian interviewed me and I thought he was such a tall huge man.  I was pretty shy then but luckily he saw something in me, potential.  I attended Holy Name and was only moving to the top floor to attend DLSA, … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Tina Kinney Clarke ’87

Alumni Spotlight: Monika Dworakowski ’08

I trudged up the seemingly endless staircase, reaching the top blue floor, with my mother following closely behind. I was so nervous for my interview. Is this the school I wanted to go to? I remember going over some questions that I might be asked with my mother, at home and on the train ride … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Monika Dworakowski ’08

Alumni Spotlight: Aminah Abdul-Majeed ’98

In 1995, when I first walked into De La Salle Academy (DLSA) for sixth grade orientation, I was so nervous. I was a naturally quiet and introverted kid so the thought of having to meet a whole bunch of new classmates and teachers overwhelmed me. Furthermore, that summer before I started at DLSA, my family … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Aminah Abdul-Majeed ’98

Alumni Spotlight: Patricia Sanchez ’97

Imagine an eleven year old little girl from The Bronx who spent 1 hour commuting on the 6 train, out to a cross-town bus and then a 15min walk to this little school on the 5th floor of a walk-up building; was it worth it? Absolutely!  Looking back, I realize how much it helped me … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Patricia Sanchez ’97

De La Salle Academy – Statement on Justice and Solidarity

Dear DLSA community, As I write this, our world is experiencing sickness, pain, mourning, anger, and deprivation; our world is figuratively and literally on fire.  As is often the case, moments of crisis reveal to us not new problems, but rather they expose and bring to the surface previously existing tensions, conflicts, and contradictions ailing … Continue reading De La Salle Academy – Statement on Justice and Solidarity

A Message from Brother Brian on Civil Disobedience

I am of the age when my experiences appear to have come full circle. I was born in an era where respect for authority was expected. The social norm of the neighborhood that was powerfully impacted by both Church and school, was to accept the boundaries of what was deemed appropriate behavior. One’s behavior impacted … Continue reading A Message from Brother Brian on Civil Disobedience

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