Alumni Spotlight: Emily Marti ’90

My name is Emily Mart (née Rodriguez), and I hail from one of the original sets of De La Salle Academy alumni. I enrolled in 1997 when the school was only three years old, and the students hadn’t yet come up with anything more clever than “the top floor of Holy Name School” to call … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Emily Marti ’90

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Angel Gonzalez ’99

Greetings! I am Angel Gonzalez. I was born in Medellin, Colombia, but raised in the Bronx. I have worked with middle and high school age students in an array of educational programs and community organizations as a teacher, mentor, and researcher. I am proud to say that I’m a member of the legendary DLSA class of … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Angel Gonzalez ’99

Alumni Spotlight: Dwight Vidale ’97

Director of Community Engagement and Teacher at Riverdale School Founder of the Citywide Young Men of Color Symposium  I am Dwight Vidale (right), your brother in the De La Salle Academy (DSLA) family. I am a graduate of the illustrious class of 1997. During my three years as a community member of the top floor … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Dwight Vidale ’97

Alumni Spotlight: Zhenny Gong ’08

My name is Zhenny Gong. I graduated from De La Salle Academy in 2008. After De La Salle Academy, I attended Phillips Exeter Academy and ultimately Bates College, where I majored in economics and minored in Math. After graduating from Bates in 2016, I joined Citi as an investment banking analyst in the mergers & … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Zhenny Gong ’08

Alumni Spotlight: Daquan Daly ’08

My name is Daquan Daly and I graduated from De La Salle Academy in 2008. After De La Salle, I attended Westtown School in West Chester, PA and then on to Williams College. At Williams, I was a biology major with a concentration in Spanish Language, Literature & Culture. I also ran cross country and track … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Daquan Daly ’08

Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Taylor ’93

After spending my early years in public schools in Queens, my mom and I moved to the Bronx and she sought new educational options for me. She realized that I needed to be challenged intellectually. She saw a very small advertisement for De La Salle Academy and helped me through the process of applying and, ultimately, … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Taylor ’93

Alumni Spotlight: Elaine Lau ’93

I’m Elaine Lau and I graduated from De La Salle in 1993. Because of De La Salle Academy, my life’s path was irrevocably changed forever. I attended the Spence School in Manhattan and then Cornell University, where I double-majored in Biology and Asian Studies. I entered St. John’s University School of Law and I was admitted … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Elaine Lau ’93

Alumni Spotlight: Mark Cort ’07

I am Mark Cort, an alumnus from the wonderful class of 2007. I arrived at De La Salle as an undisciplined, stubborn, and hotheaded kid from East Flatbush, Brooklyn, unprepared for the rigors of this school. Through three years of mistakes, achievement, and lots of gentle correction, I was able to truly find myself and … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Mark Cort ’07

Class of 2019 Graduation

On June 14, we said farewell to the Class of 2019. While they will surely be missed, we are excited to welcome them into our powerful network of DLSA Alumni. We know that they will brighten the doorstep of their new respective schools, as their creativity and passion guide them into the future. This year, … Continue reading Class of 2019 Graduation

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